Remote Infrastructure Support

    remote infrastructure
  • In terms of infrastructure support pertaining to either hardware or software, Feltham has always stressed upon the need to provide the best available systems to its employees. We believe in giving the best before expecting the best quality services from our own employees.

  • We offer/perform(Relational, Structured & Secured Approach)

    • Architecture Planning
    • High Availability
    • Security Solutions
    • Performance Tuning
    • Migration/ Security Cross Platform Solution
    • Installation & Upgradation
  • We have our own VPS and Shared servers to support uninterrupted demos and continuous development updates to our customers.
  • Lease line to ensure that continuous, flawless and uninterrupted communication with the customers during the entire development process State of art development area
  • Access to other facilities to expand further and management experience to set up new infrastructure rapidly.


DB Installation & Upgradation
  • Database Installation & Configuration.

  • Upgrades & Patches Installation.

  • Best Practice Implementation & Recommendations.

High Availability
  • Backup Machanism For 100% Recovery Of The Databases From Any Type Of Failures By RMAN Process.

  • Simulating Disaster and Recovery Process.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning And Implementation Using Dataguard.

DB Security Solutions

  • Security policy will be developed for a database, which includes several sub—policies.

  • Database User Management.

  • Database user are the access paths to the information in a database.

  • Compliance Solutions — eg. HIPAA

  • Security Compliance and Governance best practices implementation.

Migration / Cross Platform Solutions

  • Migration of data from different sources to oracle database and vice versa.

  • Instance To Real Application Clusters (RAC).

  • Physical Modeling / Database Design Support.

Architecture Planning & Design

  • Business Requirements Analysis.

  • Storage/ Backup Assessment.

  • License Requirement Analysis.

  • Network Planning.

  • Database Design with required Cluster, Tablespace & Workspace.

Web Server(APACHE)

  • Installation of APACHE from RPM or ports or dpkg.

  • Setting up web site; configuring website parameters and customization.

  • Configuration Of Apache

  • Security configuration and security audits.

  • PHP installation and configuration

  • Tomcat integration with Apache

  • Performance tuning and enhancements

  • Install/ Integrate dynamic modules for Apache

Performance Tuning

  • Complete Tuning Solution With datebase,

  • OS/ Kernel,

  • Cluster,

  • Network/ Hardware,

  • Application

Mail Sever (Sendmail)

  • Install and configure mail sever.

  • Configure email Relay; Restrict Relay.

  • Setting up SMTP authentication.

  • MYSQL Integration.

  • User Management.


  • Install and configure DNS Sever.

  • Create and manage zones and records

  • Set-up master/ slave DNS.

  • DNS sever security

  • Create ACL (Access Control List) configuration.


  • Installing Oracle sever package with optional modules support.

  • Installing MYSQL sever package with optional modules support.

  • Manage database and users.


  • Setting up primary and virtual IPs

  • Install And Configure Network Services

  • Set-up LAN/ WAN

  • Secure network using firewall

  • NAT and Port redirection.

Operating System

  • Install and configure new severs.

  • Build, Install and configure kernels.

  • Update OS using up2date,yum and apt-get.

  • Manage users, services and 3rd party packages.


  • Insallation And Configuration.

  • Network Services (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, etc.) monitoring.

  • SNMP monitoring to get detailed reports.

  • Host Resoures (processor load, disk and memory usage, log files etc.) monitoring.

  • Demon Monitoring.


  • Disable unwanted services.

  • TCP/IP Port checking / block recommendation.

  • Port Blocking.

  • OS/ Applications/ Kernel Patch updates and upgrade patches.


  • Setting up scripts to back-up data.

  • Remote FTP backups.

  • Migrating data/sever/services.


  • Install and configure FTP sever.

  • Anonymous and non anonymous FTP.

  • Chroot user to their home directory.

  • Set-up FTP sites, set-up mirror FTP sites.

Our Remote Infrastructure Support Plans